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Our Services
Crypto Entry Faciliation

Helping customers to bring new FIATmoney into the crypto space. worldwide. Due to our precense and extensive connections in the Middle east, the main focus are UHNWI (Ultra high net worth individuals) from that region.

Asset Management

Once our customer is onboarded and the entry to the crypto market is done, we provide Asset Management services and manage our customers portfolio. WIth our specialized asset management, we can facilitate different types of strategies and requests for our customers. Overall, 50 – 100 % Investment money goes into ICOs.


For a small circle of customers that do not have their assets with us, we provide ICO analysis and trading advise.

Vertex Marketplace

The Vertex Marketplace (Vertex X) offers the public an instrument to buy ICO tokens we have bought and are currently invested in. The platform is currently in development and will go live once a successful ICO for the vertex token has been conducted.

Key features of Vertex Marketplace:
– Various ICO tokens for sale
– Fixed pricing, independent from exchange evaluation
– Immediate access
– Only analyzed, verified and already invested tokens available
– Ratings by investors (no public rating, no paid ratings)

The token sale on Vertex Marketplace will start as soon as the public sale of a token is over (or has been closed in a private sale) and will end when all tokens are sold out.

Only Vertex tokens can be used to buy ICO tokens on Vertex Platform. Vertex tokens can also be acquired directly thru Vertex-Capital against ETH, BTC or BCH.

VTX Premium Token

This token is not available for public and therefore not listed on exchanges. The very limited supply of 100 Tokens is only owned by shareholders of Vertex Capital.
For more information and inquiries, please contact Vertex Capital.

ICO Evaluation

We evaluate all upcoming ICOs and share our evaluation with our customers and partners.