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About Us

Our Company

Vertex capital is modern investment house for selected private investors that has its roots back in 2017. Our clients are UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) that want to divert some of their investments from traditional stocks and private equity investments into the crypto/blockchain sector.

Vertex Capital is registered in the Cayman Islands but operates worldwide with offices in Switzerland, Dubai and London.

Vertex Capital has its focus on two main business areas within the crypto/blockchain space.

First, we trade established cryptocurrencies and facilitate for our clients the entry into the crypto world. Moving high amounts of FIAT into any cryptocurrency is a challenging task as any expert in the field would confirm. This makes us vital for our partners and customers. Once FIAT is converted, we manage our client’s wallets safely and with highest security standards.

Second, we invest our client’s assets into various cryptocurrencies, crypto funds and ICOs. As per Vertex investment strategy, around 50% of investment goes into upcoming ICOs, making vertex a big player in the ICO business, holding millions of tokens.

Absolutely aware of the high risks involved in the ICO market, we are certain that we can navigate ourselves very well thru the market due to our access to extensive experience and skill.

Vertex Capital is launching an ICO that will create a new Eco System for cleaner ICO investments with more transparency and security for investors. For more details, please visit vertex.market.

With a successful ICO, Vertex will launch its own ICO Fund “Vertex.Fund” that is specialized on ICO Investments (Utility & Equity tokens).

Our Team

Abdullah Al Othaim

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Saud Al Jomaih


Fahad Al Rajhi

Head Business Development

Waheeb Bajahmoum

Head Crypto Strategy
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Yuri Kitikari

Senior Crypto Trader
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Dan Afanas

Crypto Trader

Ahmed Saeed

Designer & Web Developer

Partners & Investors

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Naif Al Rajhi

Mohammed Al Othaim

Sulaiman Al Rajhi

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Migrin Al Rajhi

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Bander Al Rajhi

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Abdulaziz Bin Sultan

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Naif Al Subaie

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Saeed Bin Laheg

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Hazem Alyafee